Anne Kuehn-Meier

in every human is an artist

Illustrated Book "The Cycle of Waves"


The Cycle of Waves came into my mind for certain reasons.

I love water and its energy. Through nature the power of water rules.

It develops under the water surface and its power can be seen above the surface in form of waves. While watching the waves I saw the association of emotions to the living relations with close friends.

Like waves, emotions are often hidden under the soul’s surface and are volatile.

While enjoying and suffering, we must follow the ups and downs but never forget the goal. LOVE

Waves account to each other, they are attuned to one another, they don’t bring huge surprises. They maintain continuity.

Inconspicuous for a long time while in monotonous action, adapting to circumstances. No matter how different they are seen from distance, one day they will reach the shore.

Anne Kuehn-Meier


PS: I found in Marc Slaughter the perfect poet writer to express my wave paintings, their meanings and the emotional path in a relation. He was able to bring my explanations into lyric poetry.


The cycle of waves is a natural periodic process and we shall believe in its recurrence without restrictions.



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Book Cover
The first wave, "Wave of Joy and Delight"
The second wave, "Wave of passion"
The third wave, "Wave of Tenderness"
The fourth Wave, "Wave of Monotony"
Wave of Disillussion
The sixth wave, "Wave of Rebellion"
"Wave of Internal Balance", Restart of the Cycle
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