Anne Kuehn-Meier

in every human is an artist

Illustrated Book "The Cycle of Waves"

Book Cover

The "Cycle of Waves" is applicated and accepted by the "August von Goethe" literary publisher who recommanded to extend the book for further 24 pages which I refused. Therefore my MINI edition with all poems is available as a book or as a pdf via mail. Price on demand.

Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
80cm x 80cm

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Book Cover
The first wave, "Wave of Joy and Delight"
The second wave, "Wave of passion"
The third wave, "Wave of Tenderness"
The fourth Wave, "Wave of Monotony"
Wave of Disillussion
The sixth wave, "Wave of Rebellion"
"Wave of Internal Balance", Restart of the Cycle
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