Anne Kuehn-Meier

in every human is an artist


My Sculptures are created out of pure inspiration. They should be appriciated with your eyes, your hands, your mind and your soul. No intellectual analysis will speak louder than the emotions my work provoke.

I don't sculpt because I want to leave a piece of "me" behind but I sculpt because I just love the process of transforming an idea into a sensual thing of beauty, which hopefully gives joy to people who discover it.

I receive all my inspiration through contact to people who are close to me and who resign their stories. They couldnt make me a bigger present. 

Permanent exhibition: Botanikum Munich. opening hours Monday-Friday 14.00-19.00. Please call before your visit as often working on the outside area. ( 491709601044) As I do like to combine my manual artwork with poetry please find the poetry for each sculpture on the second page. Unfortunately the web site design doesn't allow the poetry on the same page.
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poem "broken wings"
poem "refugee"
"from darknss to light"
poem "from darkness to light"
poem "infinity"
"let's fly away"
"the last dance"
poem "he last Dance"
"twin mother"
"embracement of the World"
"no fear of big animals"
"the little prince"
Otto and Elisa
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