Anne Kuehn-Meier

About the artist

Anne Kuehn-Meier
Anne Kuehn-Meier
Anne Kuehn-Meier

Paint, Sculpture


    artdesire, Munich
    BOTANIKUM, Munich
    ARTTENNE, Starnberg
    Kunstgiesserei Munich, Munich


    Soul is image. I paint or sculpt to give my soul a means of expression.

    "Art is  to create a spiritual world next to the material one!" I am like I am. My artwork just develops by seeing nature in its natural, beautiful state. It mirrors my contemplative and deep thinking character. I am inspired by people who have a special influence on my personal development.

    Constructive criticism is welcome. "Critic", from the greek word "krinein" means analyzing and verifying, which gives me great pleasure to do. My passion is to connect poetry with painting or sculptures. My favourite poets are Mark Slaughter, T.S. Eliot, D.H. Lawrence, and Pablo Neruda. Sometimes I add poetry I have done.

    Their poetry describe their worlds and lives and find I can relate to them.

    I let my soul speak through the colours of my paintings,  the texture and motives , mainly figurative of the stone I sculpt.




    Born and raised in Munich/ Germany.

    Married, two daughters who are living abroad.

    1985-1987 Bangalore/India

    1991-1997 Aix-en Provence/ France

    1997-2004 Paris/ France

    since 2004 Munich/Germany 

    Several national and international studies of sculpting and painting in France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America

    Diplom of Painting Academy of Arts Munich.

    Diplom of Sculpting Academy Munich

    Shona Art

    Atelier and Showroom: BOTANIKUM Munich, Atelier 18

                                              Feldmochingerstraße 75-79

    opening hours Botanikum: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 2pm -6pm

                                                      Wednesday/Friday 11am-6pm

    please announce your visit in advance via mail as often working outside and atelier is locked or call 0049/1709601044




    Exhibition History  BOTANIKUM Munich
    08.11.2013-11.11.2013  exhibition of sculptures Munich/Dachau
    15.09.2012-today  Galery artdesire Munich
    01.09.2012-15.01.2013  Galery Tango Lutry Switzerland
    11.11.2010-14.11.2010  Atelier Jule Baumeister
    1.12.07-25.02.08  Dresdner Bank Munich Germany
    15.05.08-15.09.08  Urologicum Munich
    05.06.08-13.06.08  Kamaliter Church Munich Centre Academy of Painting